P’tite frite Versus Potatoe

En Australie, dans la cour de récréation de Chifley College Dunheved Campus, un jeune garçon cherche un autre écolier prénommé Casey et s’amuse à le frapper puis faire le chaud devant lui. Un joli retournement de situation final, mais le garçon de droite (Casey) a été, à la suite de cette bagarre, exclu temporairement du collège.

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>>> Kid Fights Back Against Bully <<<

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>>> Zangief Vs. School Bully <<<

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  • Hahahhahaaaaaaaa, he got what he deserves!

  • I wish I could do the same to my Bully supervisor. Head lock, twist it, elevate high and throw with …


  • I hope those girls that are standing up also get suspended for not alerting the teachers and enjoying seeing the young man being beating up by the little wannabe fool. The third girl is admirable for trying to stop the second boy who fallowed the victims looking for a fight. Once at school we used to have two bullies, a girl and a boy. The girl was too old and too big for me to do anything. Bu did the as the boy in the video. I used to be terrified of the bully boy, the same terror caused me to go with all the focused I had and it was the best thing I ever did. The Bully kept his distance from all of us for ever.

  • Sebastienb54

    On voit l’assurance du mec qui frappe ( la frite ), a chaque coup il recule, en se demandant si l’autre va pas répliquer, Lol